Stop wondering what top producing agents do! CONFIDENTLY present yourself like an experienced agent!

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You want to build a thriving real estate career, but where do you even start?!

Confidence to Greatness teaches you the
skills and gives you the scripts to show up like a confident pro.

No one will know you’re new to the game.  

will be buying and selling with you.


What if you could...

✓ Start with a solid foundation for your real estate business from Day 1

✓ Choose the right brokerage to work with

✓ Access different sources for leads – both paid and FREE

✓ Use a proven script to qualify buyers 

✓ Handle any objection like a pro

✓ Ask the right questions to move buyers from “NO” to “Heck Yes!”

✓ Confidently show and sell every single time

All of this – and so. much. more. is happening inside
Confidence to Greatness



When you ask the right questions, you can show up like a boss.

Guess who people want to buy from? 

The boss.

What will I learn inside Confidence to Greatness?

Basically everything you could possibly need to sell like a confident pro.


Most agents start off just winging it.
This is how you end up burned out and broke.

I’m teaching you how to build a strong foundation with a custom financial tracker, directions on setting up all your online profiles, choosing the right brokerage, CRM, email address, and more!


A huge part of successful buying and selling starts with asking the
right questions.

When you’re strategic about the questions you ask, you can use that info to overcome any objection, help your clients feel confident in their decisions, and make more sales.


Once you learn the process, buying and selling starts to feel easy and effortless.

But it takes most people years to learn these processes. I’m teaching you exactly how I conduct buyer and seller interviews, show homes, and close deals. I’ve got this down to an art – and I’m sharing it all with you!

When you’re done with this course, no one will ever suspect you’re a new agent because you’ll show up with the confidence, skills, processes, and knowledge of a seasoned pro.


Hey, I’m Nicky, of Nicky Nicole Gets it Sold!

I started my own real estate career over three years ago because I was tired of working hard to make someone else money. I wanted to be my own boss and pay myself more!

When I first started, I was scrappy. I knocked on doors, hunted down leads, and did everything I could to get clients and sell houses. And I sold eleven houses in my first year – completely on my own! But I was exhausted.

I've worked with five different brokerages over my career, and I've learned a lot from each of them. Now, armed with my own broker’s license, I’m preparing to open my own brokerage this year!

I know how this industry works, and I know how to make buying and selling work like a seamless machine. My proven systems, foundations, and skills helped me sell thirty houses last year.

But I don't want to hoard all my knowledge – I believe in sharing it! I want you to build a profitable, thriving real estate business that you can be proud of.

And I'm so excited to teach you exactly how to make more sales and more money while saving you from wasting hours, months, and years trying to figure it all out on your own.

You’re ready to show up like a pro and close more deals.

You just need someone to show you the way!




6 modules covering everything from foundations to preparing listings and mindset

Custom financial tracker to help you know your numbers and actually make a profit

Scripts for overcoming common objections

Social media templates

Proven negotiation strategies

… and so much more

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One Time Payment




2 Payments




Module 1: Set-up for success and run your business like a business

Skip the overwhelm and confusion of starting a new business and get everything you need to build a foundation for success – all in one place! No frustrating, endless Google searches required.

Module 2: Prospecting for new business

Learn how to leverage your existing network and work with the right lead sources to get qualified, warm leads without knocking on doors or cold calling.

Module 3: Working with buyers

No more hoping someone will buy from you. Put my tested process to work, ask the questions I share with you, and sell like a confident pro, even if you’re brand new.

Module 4: Working with sellers

Sellers choose agents who are confident experts. I’m teaching you how to impress the seller with your knowledge, then qualify – and win – the listing by following a proven process that works. You’re going to be excited to meet sellers after these lessons!

Module 5: The truth about social media

Talking about your business on social media is overwhelming and confusing. I’m showing you how to show up, show off your expertise, and attract clients with ease.

Module 6: Mental state with real estate

Your mindset determines your success. I’m helping you overcome imposter syndrome, recognize and change your limiting beliefs, and develop the confidence to be a wildly successful agent.


Bonus: Confidence Boosters

All kinds of templates, resources, and scripts to help you overcome your fears and show up like a pro.

Because of Nickly, I’m now able to be authentic and relate to my customers”

I knew I wanted to become a realtor, but I didn’t know where to start. With Nicky's advice,expertise and guidance, I now have 3 homes under contract after being a real estate agent for only 4 months. Because of Nicky, I’m now able to be authentic and relate to my customers, and I’m confident in prospecting potential buyers and sellers.

- Charliesa

You can have the real estate career you’ve been dreaming of!

Investing in your real estate education is the best way to fast-track your success and avoid wasting major time trying to figure it all out on your own.